Terms & Conditions

  1. All Charges subject to VAT (currently 20%)
  1. All labour is charged at £33.00 per hour per operative (employee of CW only). Charges for outside contractors may vary from these rates
  2. All estimates are put together with the available information but upon completion of the work, the client will be charged based upon the time taken and materials used, and charged as per item (2)
  3. Call out charges may vary.  The first hour @ £40.00 + vat and there after £33.00 per hour + travelling, if more than 8 miles travel. This applies 8am to 6pm weekdays only, other times may vary.
  4. Payment will be made immediately upon submission of invoice.  All late payments will be subject to additional charges and interest as laid down in government guidelines.
  5. No client will employ directly any member of staff working for the contractor for a period of 2 years from completion of and payment in full for contracted work.
  6.  If payment is not made by the due date, we shall exercise our statutory rights to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment of commercial debts (interest) act 1998 and the late payment of commercial debts regulations 2002
  7. All materials remain the property of the contractor until all payments are made in full in respect of the contractor’s invoices, and the contractor claims the right to enter the property of the client in order to recover materials in the event of any non payment.
  8. The client shall be responsible for the uninterrupted supply of water and electricity at the place of work. The cost of the provision of toilet and washing facilities shall be borne by the client.
  9.  English law applies and the English court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


Chris Watts Building & Maintenance Ltd recognises that there will be occasions when its actions do not meet reasonable expectations of its clients/ customers. If you need to complain about the way in which a matter was handled, a member of staff or quality of work, your complaint will be investigated by a senior member of the company.  If we are at fault we will apologise and tell you what we will do to put matters right.

How to complain
Many complaints can be sorted out informally by discussing the issue with a
member of the company’s senior staff. However, if after discussing any concerns with them the complainant remains dissatisfied they can make a formal complaint.
To make a formal complaint, the complainant should write to Chris Watts Building & Maintenance Ltd, stating their concerns as clearly as they can to enable them to address the issues raised as quickly as possible. If the Company is unclear on any point it will contact the complainant to seek clarification in order that it can give full consideration to all the points they wish to make.

Complaints will be handled by the Director of Chris Watts Building & Maintenance Ltd.
The company will endeavour to ensure those involved in the review of the complaint were not party to the original decision but as the company is a small organisation this may not always be possible.

How we will deal with your complaint

If you wish to make a formal complaint against the company it must be made in writing by letter or email and you should send it to:
Chris Watts
Chris Watts Building & Maintenance Ltd
Shadwell House
Shadwell Lane
Email: info@chriswattsbuilding.com


The procedure
Once we have received your complaint it will be dealt with in accordance with the following procedure:

Step 1: You will be sent an acknowledgement within five working days of receipt of your complaint. If we are unclear as to any aspect of the issues you have raised with us we may ask you for additional information or clarification in order to investigate the matter further. If we do not receive clarification within 20 working days we will be unable to review the complaint and the case will be closed.
Step 2: The Director, will review your complaint and a full reply will be sent to you within 20 working day

You have the right to cancel our contract if you want to;

This right can be exercised by delivering or sending a cancellation notice to Chris Watts Building & Maintenance Ltd. at anytime within the period of seven days starting with the day of receipt of a notice in writing of the right to cancel the contract.

The cancellation notice may be given to Chris Watts Building & Maintenance Ltd. If you are unhappy with your contract for any reason it can be cancelled and a refund of the deposit can be obtained by taking or sending a letter to us at: Shadwell House, Shadwell Lane, Wincanton. BA9 9AH

The notice of cancellation is deemed to be served as soon as it is posted or sent to usor in the case of an electronic communication from the day it is sent to info@chriswattsbuilding.com

You may be required to pay for the goods or services supplied if the performance of this contract has begun with your agreement before the end of the cancellation period.

Any related credit agreement will be automatically cancelled if the contract for goods and services is cancelled.